• Mama and daughter relaxing getaway

    "I found it very relaxing". "I was dreaming of water in there". "I feel deeply relaxed and clear minded". "I fell asleep in the Blu Room".

    Thank you Vicky and sweet Sasha


    "After my session at the Blu Room I noticed a wonderful sense of calm and clarity of thought, I will be attending again soon."


    Stress management

    "In my past I had gone through a very hard experience where I bought a business that became an epic failure and ended up creating a huge financial demise and a lot of stress. I had been struggling to overcome that, creating a drinking problem. My first experience of the Bluroom was a session a day for eight days in a row. I first noticed a peaceful and relaxed state and my dreams became wonderfully vivid. Every night I would wake up at 2:55am from a very intense and vivid dream which had a victim scenario playing out. I feel this was releasing. On the last night I woke up at the same time but this dream was symbolising a swing where I was the tyrant and actually woke up growling. In the past I had anger reactions almost daily that were quite strong and since coming home I haven't had them at all. It's so wonderful to just observe and be so calm :)
    I also haven't drank any alcohol and it hasn't been difficult to stop. I am so grateful for the shift in my life and freedom to move forward without the heaviness of the past and feeling joy and happiness again."


    Energy and relaxation

    "I have had 20 Blu Room sessions since November 2020. Every time I feel deeply relaxed after. I have had chronic backpain since I was a teenager. My back was injured when I fell of a horse as a child. In those days there were no chiropractors so I lived with it until I was 30 when I first saw a chiropractor which helped me greatly. However, since a lot of damage had been done by then, I have had a lot of pain still and I have slight scoliosis (curvature of the spinal column). The Blu Room has greatly helped with the chiropractic adjustments, they hold better and I don’t need it as often. I love the Blu Room and can really recommend it to everyone. It is very gentle and I always feel energized after a session even when I am really tired." Jenny

    Family cuddletime

    Was a wonderful experience! Thank you for your lovely hospitality.. keen to visit again soon!

    Kali, Summer and James

    Greater well-being

    "I had pain in my body due to Fibromyalgia. A few sessions in the Blu Room with a focussed desire to change the state of my body is helping me greatly. Amazing technology! I will do some more sessions for sure." Karen

    "Calmer, happier and clearer in my mind!"

    "I use the Blu Room for general well-being. Some of the things I have experienced in my 8 sessions until now are: tingling of facial skin, sensation of warmth, feeling more centered and focussed. Deeply relaxing but also much more on a cellular level."

    Blu Room is Fabulous!

    Avril and Helen flew from QLD to enjoy 3 sessions in 3 days. They reported: "I feel energised, clearer in my mind". "I feel so peaceful and wonderfully relaxed. I will be back".