• "The Ultimate Medicine is Light"

    Dr. Ana Mihalcea is the supervising physician for JZ Knight’s Mercy Blu Room program in Yelm, WA USA. Since 2018, she has monitored patients with chronic diseases who use the Blu Room to augment their conventional treatment and their healing journey. Her recently published book "Light Medicine" includes a full chapter about the Blu Room with 22 case studies from participants in the Mercy Blu program in United States.

    "Bringing Light back to the body and to the world"

  • Blu Room: Experience the future, building bridges with light, frequency and sound.


    "Light, sound and frequencies in the Blu Room build bridges and enable the future to be experienced firsthand. The Blu Room is love. Not everything has to be proven. Some has to be experienced. Be bold, dare to explore the unknown."


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